How it works

savart is built to make investment into stocks & mutual funds easy and
provide a financial advisor quality advice at the cost of a coffee.

How to Start
You can download savart app on your android or iOS mobile
devices or access it on at and sign up to begin your
journey with savart.
Sign up using your Email Id or Mobile Number
KYC is mandatory to make any investment. If you have already done it, you can sail past this smoothly.
Three ways to complete your KYC
eKYC - paperless Aadhaar-based process for fulfilling
your KYC requirements to start investing in Mutual Funds.
CKYC – If you have completed the eKYC form, there is a
investment limit of 50000 INR per fund, per year. cKYC does
not limit your investments. We recommend this option.
Doorstep KYC - If a KYC agent is located nearby, then they
will come to your doorstep to complete the KYC process.
Emotional Financial General (EFG Analysis)
This is a psycho-metric analysis of savart that helps our experts understand your temperament and needs, thus helping deliver the best suggestions to you.
Recommendations – Auto Mode
These are the best mutual funds & stocks picked just for you. These will have made their way through a ruthless scrutiny of expert human eyes and intelligent algorithms.
Manual Mode
If you want to take control of your investments completely or are an expert, you can simply use this mode to search, research and invest into stocks & mutual funds by yourself. More data & research options will be added shortly.
Investment – Mutual Funds
Savart is partnered with Bombay Stock Exchange to bring seamless mutual fund investment options. You can now link each "GOAL" to specific investments and we will recommend a combination of Mutual Fund picks, SIP, & STP plans to help achieve it!
Investment – Stocks
Savart is partnered with Upstox to give you an experience of India’s best & paperless broker. Just login/signup to your Upstox demat through savart and view your advice & investments in Upstox at the same place.
Customer Service
Savart is extremely serious towards giving you the utmost comfort and assurance. We also give a 24 hour guarantee to stand by this ideal.
Creating Wealth
The savart system will give you regular updates, notifications & instructions to keep your portfolio on the right track.