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About Savart

What is Savart?

Savart is an investment advisory & investment technology company that aims to help generate consistent outperformance in ROI for retail investors world-wide.

What does Savart stand for?

Savart is not an abbreviation. However, it loosely translates to the ‘Art of Saving’

When was Savart incorporated?

Savart was incorporated on 16th May 2017 with MF distribution starting in June 2018 & advisory services in April 2019.

What is the Vision and Mission of Savart?

Vision: Our Vision is to create awareness and help Investors tap the maximum potential returns on their Investments.

Mission: Our Mission is to achieve our Vision and to enable people to live their passion through sustainable investing.

What does Savart do?

Investment Advisory division: EFG – Risk Profiling, Investment Planning, Purchase/Investment Plan, Tracking & Rebalancing & Exit/Disinvestment.

Nirvana Knowledge Services: Help students, finance career aspirants and individuals understand the art of investing for the long term.

Vantage: Enterprise platform for Investment Research automation. Three current components: Quant, Iris & Synapse | Potential Components: Portfolio Watcher, Financial Planner & Risk Analytics

Are you a SEBI registered company?

Yes. Svobodha Infinity Private Limited (Savart) is registered with SEBI as an investment advisor with license INA200012601.

What is the expected return on investments with Savart?

In the past 30 years, the Indian markets have returned 15-16% CAGR on average; we intend to do better than that consistently and considerably. For international markets, the philosophy remains the same.

Targeted return – Not guaranteed:

India: 25%
Canada: 25%
USA: 25%

Why it is not accurate to portray Savart’s previous performance?

Each client at Savart gets a unique portfolio with different components and assets. The status of each portfolio is varied and the Savart model thrives on effective diversification. Hence, a single number does not accurately represent the overall picture. The apt metrics would be:Each client at Savart gets a unique portfolio with different components and assets. The status of each portfolio is varied and the Savart model thrives on effective diversification. Hence, a single number does not accurately represent the overall picture. The apt metrics would be:

  • The average portfolio return historically
  • Our algorithm’s back-tested & projected performance

Is there any security for investment?

Savart does not control and handle client’s bank or demat account directly. The guidance is communicated through the email/web & mobile application and the investor is expected to execute buy & sell orders through their respective broking platforms. So, the money is safe and any unfortunate event at Savart does not put investor wealth at risk.

Does Savart suggest trading/technical analysis?

The company abhors and discourages short-term instruments and technical analysis of any manner.

How does Savart’s research work?

Here we present a holistic view of the research that Savart does so that your portfolios sail through the worst circumstances.

  1. Quantitative: The study of the quantitative factors mainly encompasses the study of numbers related to the businesses, which includes profit, revenues, cost, and over ‘400’ likely parameters (including various ratios) to analyze the long term position and sustainability of the investment venture.
  2. Qualitative: ‘Even a mediocre business can put up the good numbers but only a quality business thrives’. Our research also includes a study of the factors which support the business such as employee satisfaction, ethics, and over ‘500’ likely parameters.
  3. Forensic: The research-based on the forensic factors ensures that all the frauds, misrepresentations by the companies, in terms of both accounting aspects and legal aspects are unveiled before investing. 
  4. Behavioural: We ensure that we primarily understand the requirements of our clients before offering them services. Our EFG model with the algorithm ensures that the services matching the requirements of our clients are being offered.

Usage of 1 billion data points, 1250+ parameters, and over 33 years of data ensures that the best advice is being provided to our clients.

Please note that we don’t promise any returns on your portfolio as it is neither pragmatic nor legal. We ensure that your portfolios make consistent return in all circumstances.

Which Industry does Savart prefer to invest in?

Savart aims at diversifying the portfolios of the clients. The process of diversification ensures that our clients make the best profits even during the worst circumstances.

There is no specific industry in which Savart aims to invest in. We analyze the market conditions and thousands of parameters to offer investment advice which are sector and industry agnostic. We are open to everything from India micro-cap to an American behemoth.

We aim to transform the research work from a biased, slow process to a robust and transforming activity. Our research relies primarily on the following four pillars.

What are the investment products that Savart deals in?

Our research currently covers investments in Stock, Direct Mutual Funds, Bonds & Gold.

How will Savart track my investment?

Savart application includes a feature of contract note upload that supports select brokers. Once the contract note is uploaded, the system automatically reads the price & quantity of purchase of a particular share and updates the Savart dashboard, which helps in easy tracking for clients. The brokers for whom our app does not support contract note upload, manual input or CAS upload facility is also available. Alternatively, the clients can forward their contract notes to

Is my data safe with Savart?

Yes. Your data is safe with Savart & it is our sincere promise to handle it responsibly.

What is the frequency of your advice?

The frequency of our advice will be equal to the frequency of your investment: ‘Custom’ or ‘Monthly’ as per your choice in the app.

How is my subscription quota calculated?

The subscription quota is calculated based on the amount of investment advice shared to you and not on the contract notes shared. Hence, please request advice only when you are ready to invest.

Will the subscription amount increase in the future? If yes, will it affect me?

Our subscription charges will definitely rise in the future. However, in respect of all our early believers, we will not pass on any price hikes to the clients subscribed on or before 11th August, 2020.

Is the entire subscription process paperless?

Yes. Your entire engagement & experience with Savart remain paperless.

Is there any difference in the quality of services between Plan A & Plan B of Savart's advisory services?

No. Plan A has been kept economical in the interest of small, retail investors to understand & experience our services without pinching their pockets or hurting their return by overloading with costs. You can upgrade to Plan B once you are satisfied with the service. There is absolutely no difference in the quality of service between both the plans.

Is there any referral program for Savart?

Yes. Please check out the referral section for the details.

Does Savart deal in foreign stocks too?

Savart advises on investments in India, U.S.A. & Canada currently. We are expanding our advice to a dozen other countries soon.

Does Savart manage demat accounts?

Savart does not manage demat accounts or conduct execution of investment.

What do you mean by EFG Analysis?

EFG Analysis stands for Emotional, Financial and General Analysis. This is our proprietary system that helps us understand customer’s needs, goals and risk appetite.

Do we have any discounted subscription offers?

We offer discounts to students, social workers and farmers on furnishing the relevant information. The quantum and choice of discount is subject to change.

Do you have Multi-Year plans?

Yes. We have 3 & 5- year subscription plans available. Please contact our support team for more details.

What is the refund policy of Savart?

The advisory & performance fee paid to Savart is non refundable.

Will Savart recommend the best time to exit?

Yes. Savart shall recommend the quantum and opportune time for exit.

How does Savart review my existing portfolio?

There are many instances where investors make decisions based on their personal choices or research. Savart, powered by Vantage, reviews and shares its opinion on the investments in your portfolio that can help you make better decisions with your investments. The portfolio review is charged and treated as per the plan subscribed by the investor..

Investing Basics

Taxes and charges in share market investments and Demat operations.

As per the section 111A of the Income Tax Act 1961, the short term Capital Gain made from the sale of equity shares/investments are taxable at a flat rate of 15%.

Whereas, the long term Capital Gains (without the benefits of indexation) are taxable at a concessional rate of 10% in case the amount of the gain exceeds INR 1 Lakh.

It may be noted that the Long Term Capital Gains earned on shares stocks or equity funds before 31 January 2018 are exempted from taxation.

For more details please refer the link:

Is there a risk of loss with my investments?

Equity markets are subject to market risks with scope for loss & profits. (Everything in life is the same!) However, sufficient due diligence and assessment shall be conducted to ensure that you receive guidance as per risk profile only.

Do you recommend SIP or one-time investment?

We would suggest an SIP investment for low & medium risk-profile investors while we would suggest lump-sum investments for high-risk profile investors. We would suggest an SIP investment for low & medium risk-profile investors while we would suggest lump-sum investments for high-risk profile investors.

This is because lump-sum investments entail massive commitments at a go & may expose the investor to higher volatility, while SIP reduces risk through averaging concept.

Do you suggest tax saving mutual funds/investments?

Yes. ELSS Funds are recommended for investors willing to seek tax exemption under Section 80C.

I am an NRI, can I invest?

Yes. NRIs can make investments in India seamlessly although the process varies by broker and country of residence.

What is the minimum time period of investment suggested by Savart?

We recommend a minimum time horizon of 3 years and an average time horizon of 7 years with our investments. You can exit as per your discretion and there is generally no lock in on the investments we suggest. However, we encourage you to remain patient.

Is there any lock-in period of my investment?

Most of our advised investments except ELSS mutual funds do not have a lock-in period.

What is the minimum amount of investment?

There is no minimum investment amount that we specify. An investment can start at INR 1000 as well.

Should I open a new Demat account to receive Savart’s advice?

  • No – If you already have a demat account.
  • Yes – If you do not have a demat account. The choice of broker is yours.

Do we review existing portfolios?

Yes. We review and share analysis of your existing portfolios. The reviews are invoiced at the same rate as mentioned in the pricing plans (Based on the amount of investment).

How can I create a Demat Account?

Our customer delight associates can help you figure out the process of opening a demat account. In most cases, the process takes a couple of hours. However, please note that Savart is not responsible/liable for the services provided by the broker and does not necessitate the use of any particular broker.

Can reinvestment be considered as fresh advice?

If the reinvestment or change is initiated by the company, then it is not charged. However, if the change is made upon a review, rebalance request from client, then it is charged as per the relevant subscription plan.

Can we purchase stocks/mutual funds from your app?

Savart is a research and advisory company and not a transaction platform. Hence, we neither facilitate nor charge any transaction fee or hidden fee.

Can I invest specifically in small/mid-cap companies?

The choice of investments is controlled by the algorithm & our experts. We cover almost all the listed companies in India, U.S.A. & Canada during our research.

Do you have F&O, derivatives, commodity & forex advisory?

We do not advise on the above investment classes.

Can you suggest a few books for a beginner to start learning about investing?

  1. The Intelligent Investor
  2. Financial Nirvana – Biased recommendation as it is written by our CEO 
  3. Security Analysis
  4. All books of Howard Marks
  5. All books of Peter Lynch

Where can I get a broker for international plans?

There are many brokers who have started offering international investment options. Please check out our application in the demat section or contact our customer delight team for information on the same.

Can I get company reviews from the research & advisory team?

Yes. Savart subscribers can request research on up to 3 companies, which are not in the Savart portfolio.

Can you tell us when to invest/ what are some good market opportunities?

Apart from advice requested by you, the company shall also send communication regarding market opportunities, whenever available.

FAQs – Nirvana

Does Savart provide any educational sessions/training for stock market investing?

Yes. We provide training through our educational program ‘Nirvana’. This course is focused on fundamental analysis & value investing for those seeking to invest independently.

How can I attend the program?

The program shall be available through live streaming online.

What is the prerequisite to attend the program?

There are no prerequisites to attend the program. Anyone with little or no knowledge can attend the program.

What does the Nirvana program include?

  • Access to online & offline participation in Nirvana sessions
  • Dedicated support channel for query resolution
  • Comprehensive reading material crafted by the Savart team

What are types of courses available under the Nirvana program?

The courses available under the ‘Nirvana’ brand are:

  • Personal Finance Course: Deals with basic knowledge required to maintain financial discipline – including savings, expenses and investments. A good start pack for those who wish to plan well for their life goals.
  • Portfolio Review Course: This is a course that helps individuals who are already invested in the market to deeply analyze their portfolios and understand the necessary action to be taken. The same knowledge can then be applied to future revisions to portfolio also.
  • Nirvana Advanced Course: This is a comprehensive course covering all aspects of investments from basics to advanced level – good enough for an individual to build a career in the industry, invest independently or understand research deeply.

Nirvana Advanced Course: This is a comprehensive course covering all aspects of investments from basics to advanced level – good enough for an individual to build a career in the industry, invest independently or understand research deeply.

The fee paid towards the Nirvana program is non-refundable.

Can I record classes for future reference?

Recording of classes is prohibited.

What happens if I miss a class?

The tutor shall ensure that you are brought up to pace through personal sessions or an alternate option based on availability.