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Savart uses artificial intelligence & machine learning technology to help you make smart stock investments in India and abroad!

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About Us

Savart was started with an idea to help everybody make smart investments and create long-term wealth while giving them enough time & freedom to live their passions. The journey so far has been enlightening for us & enriching for our investors.

​We are now one of the fastest growing human-tech investment advisor in India. Our knowledge services – Nirvana – has received tremendous appreciation from people seeking practical investment wisdom. Our pioneering work with Vantage – our enterprise investment-research-automation platform is creating a niche for itself in India & abroad. This has been possible only because of our exceptional team and your faith in us. We promise to innovate and keep getting better. After all, we’ve just begun!

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What makes us Special?

Saves Time

So you can spend time doing what you love.

Easy to Use

You will love our user friendly web and mobile apps.

Better ROI

Proven research.
Diversified portfolios.


From India to the world. We help you make the most of your money.


Whatever your goal. We have it covered.

Ethics First

We deal, invest and encourage only the most ethical businesses. We set the bar very high.


Minimum Investment Amount


Countries (Clients)


Stocks, Mutual Funds & Bonds covered

₹142 crore

Assets Under Advisory*

*As of July 2020

We Can Help You With


Risk Profiling

We use EFG analysis to understand both, you & your goals.



We can provide insights on your existing investments.


Investment Planning

We create a plan that suits your present and strives to build a better future for you.



We will ensure that your portfolio is well balanced at all times.



Our state-of-the-art algorithm recommends the best investment opportunities.



We help with timely exit and goal-based withdrawal plans.


Our Approach

We believe that prudent investment advice needs to be tailor-made to the individual’s needs and goals. To achieve this, our advisory platform leverages AI & ML for robust market research as well as EFG (proprietary) to perform a holistic analysis of our client’s needs.


EFG Analysis stands for Emotional, Financial and General Analysis. This is our proprietary system that helps us understand the customer’s needs, goals and risk appetite.

For Market Research, we have a four-step process:


from a set of 15000+ securities


the shortlisted stock through the Savart checklist


the quantitative, qualitative & behavioral parameters using Savart’s proprietary algorithm

Final Test

by Savart’s research analysts



Inclusive of all Taxes



For investment up to ₹4,00,000


For investment over ₹4,00,000

0.5% Upfront Fee p.a.

United States

For investment up to $5000


For investments over $5000

1% Upfront Fee p.a.

We offer

  • Robust advice for long-term wealth generation.
  • A platform for outperforming market research that combines human intuition and computing precision.
  • Affordable alternative for personalized investment planning.

We don’t offer

  • Short-term trading and speculative tips.
  • Brokerage services.
  • Get-rich-quick schemes.